DC Direct - McFarlane Toys - The Atom - Figurine

DC Direct - McFarlane Toys - The Atom - Figurine

DC Direct - McFarlane Toys - The Atom - Figurine

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Born and raised in Hong Kong, Lun “Ryan” Choi studied under Ray Palmer at Ivy University. After a year, Ryan was told a life-changing secret: Ray Palmer was the superhero known as the Atom. For the next couple of years, Ryan aided the Atom’s activities. When Palmer vanished one day, he left behind a spare size-changing belt with its own dwarf star lens for Ryan to use. As the new Atom, Ryan fights to protect people just as his mentor did and serves as a member of the Justice League of America.

Product Features:

  • Incredibly detailed 7” scale figures based off the DC Multiverse
  • Designed with Ultra Articulation with up to 22 moving parts for full range of posing and play
  • The Atom is based on the exclusive included comic designed by McFarlane Toys
  • The Atom comes with an attachable power, and a base
  • Included is a collectible comic featuring what the figure is based on, as well as a collectible art card with figure artwork on the front, and character biography on the back
  • Figure is showcased in DC Direct themed window box packaging
  • Collect all additional McFarlane Toys DC Page Punchers